Training Activities

Training is the heart of all activities. With that view in mind, South Point Overseas Ltd. has catered for an elaborate training facility through its Training Centre. At Singapore Piling South Point Test Centre, the training never ceases to work. Training strategy is translated into well-rehearsed weekly programs developed to suit the training needs of different groups. The training curriculums are conducted by highly qualified and time tested trainers closely monitored by the Group Supervisors and Training Managers.

Final test/ selection

On average 60% to 70% trainees from the Final Group qualifies through the simulation test to go for the final test. The test is held every month. Trainees tested for employment in Singapore are tested by the Testers from BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION AUTHORITY (BCA) of Singapore. The results are declared and published by BCA in about 10 day’s time. Final test for Employers from other countries are done by the center Management in presence of the Employer’s representatives / delegates. At SINGAPORE PILING SOUTH POINT TEST CENTRES some 1200 plus trainees from all trades participate in the final test every month. Successful trainees join employment with their overseas employers in about 8 to 10 weeks time (provided all other administrative arrangements and preparations are settled by the worker) from date of passing the test.